Stringed Nail Art with taping technique. <3

Stringed Nail Art with taping technique. <3

Ombre + braided nail art= Om-braid Nails! :)

Ombre + braided nail art= Om-braid Nails! :)


Watch funny videos on Youtube. :)

Pasta Idea!!!

If you want to cook some very special and at the same time very dish, here is an idea. It’s quick, easy, affordable and healthy. Everybody can make it. Enjoy! <3

Mother’s Day Ideas and Tips!

Hunger Games vs. Avengers

  It may be a little out of timing already, but it’s never too late to talk about this latest addiction of ours that not only became a box-office hit, but also created a buzz on the WWW. It’s not the Bieber Fever or the Never say Never movie and it’s not Titanic 3D. It’s called THE HUNGER GAMES! Okay, so maybe, the Avengers is our latest addiction, so that makes THG our second to the last obsession, but whatever, I still haven’t watched that hero movie, soooo Hunger Games it is. Haha But I am planning to watch it anyways. Maybe this coming week.

  The Hunger Games series is created by Suzanne Collins who lives in Connecticut USA. As I’ve read the Hunger Games’ page on the Wikipedia (yeah, I know. Not a reliable source, I trust it sometime though, haha), Collins said that the series’ inspiration came upon her when she was surfing the channels on the television. On one channel, she watched two people compete on a reality show and on the other, it showed the invasion of Iraq. According to the site, the two “began to blur in this unsettling way” and thus the books. 

  Anyway, I’m here to talk about the movie, not the book. Currently, us, ‘netizens’ (that’s what we call the internet citizens),aretalking about why Gary Ross who directed the first adaptation of the book decided not to direct the second installment, the Catching Fire, and who would play the interesting characters of Finick Odair and Johanna Mason. However, before going to the ‘what will be’, let’s go to the ‘what has been’. 

  On March 23, 2012, the film adaptation of the first book with the same title was released. Having read the book, having LOVED the book, and having watched the trailers, I decided to watch it in the first day. Luckily, March 23 was a workday and I chose to watch in the afternoon to avoid the coming of a huge wave of zombies, I mean people to cinemas. I forced my friend to go with me and off we go.

  To be honest, I did not like Josh Hutcherson that much. I thought he was not fit to be Peeta Mellark. And I don’t see him that handsome. But, he proved me wrong. With his manly voice, his poor state in the cave and his longing stares at Katniss, you would almost want to be the girl on fire yourself and be with this guy’s side.

  As for Jennifer Lawrence, hands down to this lady. She portrayed Katniss Everdeen like it was made for her! ‘Nuff said.

  Another factor that I looked forward to in the movie was the ‘girl-on-fire’. What made Katniss the girl on fire were the dresses. No matter how imaginative I try to be, I’m not a fashion person. And so, I couldn’t make in my head the dresses Cinna made for Katniss. This movie made it oh-so possible. I would like to wear Katniss’ dress on the interview sometimes. Haha

  On the other hand, however, there were some differences in the movies from the books that I felt sad for. I know the film was made to match the standards of a PG-13 movie, but I somehow did not like how they have put out some of the parts of the book. Like removing Madge and the way Clove, Marvel, and especially, Rue died. I don’t know. I somehow wanted it to be more dramatic, or maybe more violent? Haha

  But all-in-all. Two thumbs up for this movie. If you haven’t watched it yet, go buy yourself a DVD and if you have watched it, still, go buy yourself a DVD! <3 Buh-bye!

The world will be a better place if we stop whining and start acting.

We tend to hate certain qualities of others because we see the same qualities in ourselves.

Facebook getting boring?!

   I love food, the internet, and friends. So basically, I’m a typical teenager. And what makes me more typical? I get bored easily. We, teenagers, tend to be like that. Doing something bores us, doing nothing bores us. Even being bored bores us! Okay, that does not even make sense. And when we realize we’re bored, we’ll post it on Facebook and Twitter so everyone will know how boring and uninteresting our lives are. Everyday, I find some tweets and statuses saying, “I’m bored, who wants to go out?” or “Boredom KILLSSSS!” or “I have nothing to do today. FML.” Okay, FML?! You access internet just to tell everyone to f*** your life? Come on! People in Africa are dying from starvation and you’re ranting about your boring day? WOW!

  So to help make the world a better place and stop people from turning into drama queens, here are some things on the Internet TEENS, NOT YET TEENS AND JUST ABOUT EVERYONE can do to get out of the unsatisfying phase of our daily lives called BOREDOM:

1. VISIT SPARTZ MEDIA. Ever heard of or Well, Spartz Media develops sites that will make your ‘online life’ to a whole new level. Their will make you cry, their and will give you a daily dose of laughter, I mean, real, hardcore laughter and their ‘Philosoraptor’ of will make you question life. :))

2. WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEOS. From a baby biting his brother’s finger, to a talking fruit who annoys everyone and to countless undiscovered talents. Youtube is a totally different world. Some of the channels I’d recommend:

   a. NigaHiga. Funny, good-looking, and… funny. Oh, I forgot, he’s the 2nd most subscribed user of all time. TEEHEE. Check out: How to be Ninja; Daily Life of Rustin Hieber

   b. WongFu Productions. They make short films. Some would make you go “Awww”, some would make you laugh and some would just make you hate Hollywood for being so cliche. Check out: Strangers, Again.

  c. MysteryGuitarMan. He’s an animator, he’s a musician, and he’s just really really creative. You will doubt your music skills with this guy. What more can you ask for? Check out: 1200 Street Stickers

3. READ FORUMS. If you want to try a product out or you don’t know what movie to watch or you just don’t trust advertisements anymore, here is your way to go. Forums give you the chance to learn the pros and cons of that beauty product you’ve been dying to buy, recommend the best restaurants in the city and even the opportunity to make friends. You learn from the users’ first-hand experiences. That’s it.

4. LEARN SOMETHING NEW. Whether you want to learn how to dance, or learn how to cook or sing, the Internet can be your best friend. There are many tutorials lurking around the World Wide Web, waiting for you to notice them. All it takes is for you to actually practice what you are trying to learn. You can even learn how to make water take a glass’ shape without even being IN the glass.!

5. BE RANDOM. People can be really random sometimes. Especially when you’re bored. You don’t know what you want to do or what you need to do. Sites like or will help you with that problem! From games to photography to weird structures, these sites will give you just about anything under the sun. :) Random, unique and addictive. 

That’s it. Five things you can do on the Internet. Well, with all your time that will be consumed with these tips, I highly suggest that you stand up, give your computer a rest, go out and HAVE A LIFE! Buh-bye! <3